Psychologists in Gouda, both online and in our practice

Finding balance between your work and private life by learning to think differently

At DenkPro you can get help for a variety of complaints, such as anxiety, depression, or improving self-esteem. DenkPro is also specialised in work-related problems and can offer support when you are dealing with with stress at work, burn-out, and reintegration. Sessions with a psychologist are possible at our practice in the centre of Gouda or online.

Psychologist for expats

We also offer treatment to expatriates. As an expat you can sometimes experience a variety of complaints, for example: anxiety, depression, grief, a feeling of being uprooted, or trouble adjusting to the new country.

Because therapy is often about nuances and finding the right words for this, we offer treatment in Dutch and English. 

Both therapists have first-experience living in different countries. Niall grew up in an intercultural family and speaks English and Dutch at a native level. He also has extensive experience in treating expats and treatments in English. Jeroen was born and raised in the Netherlands and has lived and travelled in the Balkans. 

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No waiting lists

DenkPro does not have waiting lists, which means we can offer immediate support.

Reimbursement is possible

Depending on your insurance policy, you can often get all or part of the costs reimbursed.


DenkPro is a small practice where quality of care is paramount.

We offer help by means of:

Therapy in Gouda

Counseling for, among other things:

  • Overexertion and burn-out
  • Fear and panic
  • Gloom
  • Trauma

Personal Coaching in Gouda

Focuses on functioning more effectively in the workplace.

Online Therapy in Gouda

Psychological help from your home

For Employers

Return to work in cases of psychological absenteeism



Psychologists in Gouda

In our practice in Gouda we offer treatments for a variety of complaints, like anxiety, mood complaints, trauma and stress. We do not have waiting lists, which means we can start treatment quickly.

The practice is run by two psychologists, Jeroen Rohde and Niall Jassim. Jeroen and Niall are both trained in and use different treatment methods, tailored to your specific needs. We are happy to help you in your personal growth and recovery, with a focus on long-term change.

Besides treatment for personal issues, DenkPro is also specialised in work-related problems. Jeroen worked in public administration for years prior to obtaining his MSc in psychology, which gives him unique insight into understanding and treating work-related problems.

Why DenkPro?

Work-related problems

Besides treatments for problems like anxiety, depression and trauma, we are also specialised in work-related problems. For both employees and employers, we can offer preventive coaching sessions and treatment.

Online therapy and coaching

We offer the option for online treatment and coaching sessions. This offers you more flexibility.

No waiting list

Whereas many other psychologists have waiting lists, DenkPro does not. This means your treatment can start quickly.

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coaching in gouda
coaching in gouda