Costs and reimbursment

How much does a session at our practice cost and how much is covered by your insurance company?

reimbursement through insurer

DenkPro does not have contracts with any insurance companies. If you are insured through a Dutch insurance company, you might have something called “in natura polis” in your insurance policy. This means that, when treated in the Basis GGZ (which is what DenkPro offers), you can usually get around 70% of the total costs reimbursed through your insurance company.

We strongly advise that you call your insurance company to check this beforehand.

 You pay a monthly invoice to DenkPro yourself, and can then declare the reimbursement from your insurance company. When you have Dutch health insurance you will have to pay your own risk (“eigen risico”), unless you have already paid this for other medical costs that calender year.

If you are not insured through a Dutch health insurance, we strongly advise that you call your insurance company to check how much they will reimburse beforehand.

In some cases your employer might be willing to pay the costs for you (see below with the FAQ’s)

Rates Basis GGZ 2021

Per session

45 minutes, tariff code CO0497

128,40 Euro

Intake session

60 min. including time for reporting, letter from GP and diagnostics, rate code CO0562

173,40 Euro

Rates for business

Session paid by employer

45 minutes, the invoice will state: Coaching

148 ,- Euro

excluding VAT

Session for freelancer

45 minutens, the invoice will state: Coaching

124,16 Euro

excluding VAT


Can my employer pay for my treatment?

When you are not able to work due to mental complaints, it’s in both your own and your employer’s best interest that you get help as soon as possible to help you to reintegrate back at work. When someone is on long-term sick leave, it costs the employer an estimated 250,- euro per day. Many other practices have waiting lists which can be months long, so your employer might agree that it’s cheaper for them if you can register with us within a few days. You can also refer your employer to our website, specifically the page for employers.

I want to know how much I will have to pay beforehand.

We advise that you contact your insurance company. You will need the following information:

Jeroen Rohde, GZ-psychologist; BIG-registration number: 59918218525; personal AGB-code: 94061248; AGB-code of the practice: 94062857.

Niall Jassim, GZ-psychologist; BIG-registration number: 59918615125; personal AGB-code: 94017693; AGB-code of the practice: 94062857.

I’m a freelancer. Is it cheaper for me to pay for the sessions myself?

Because of disability insurance, some freelancers prefer to pay for themselves (as we do not make a diagnosis). Often it can even be cheaper to pay it yourself.

Who pays for EMDR after an accident?

EMDR is reimbursed by your Dutch insurance company (if you have an international insurance company, we strongly advise you call them first). In situations when your insurance company does not reimburse all costs, the counterparty often has to pay the costs. You can discuss this with your lawyer.

Which diagnoses are covered in the BGGZ?

Diagnoses which are more common (e.g. depression, trauma/PTSD and anxiety disorders) are covered by Dutch health insurance companies. Burnout and relationship problems are not covered by Dutch health insurance companies. In these cases, your employer might be willing to pay the costs of your treatment.

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