Do you feel you can’t deal with everything yourself anymore?


Do you feel overburdened, constantly stressed, and like you have lost control over your life? Have you felt panicked, anxious or have you felt unusually sad recently? Do you feel like you can’t deal with everything yourself anymore? Treatment with a therapist can help you.

Who are we?

DenkPro is a small psychology’ practice in Gouda. We do not have a waiting list, and (partial) reimbursement through your insurance company is often possible. Quality of care is a cornerstone of the practice. We offer therapy in-person (in our office in Gouda) or online. We are fluent in Dutch and English.

One of the therapists is English and was raised bilingually (speaking both Dutch and English at a native level) and has extensive experience treating in English and treating expats. We also offer online treatments through video calling.

Jeroen Rohde founded DenkPro. He is GZ-psychologist, coach and cognitive behavioural therapist. Because of his background in public administration, he has specialised in work-related problems.

We can treat you for

Stress and burn-out

Low mood and depression

Anxiety and panic



Compulsive behaviours

Low self-esteem

Excessive worrying

Shyness and social anxiety

The psychologists


Jeroen Rohde

GZ-Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


Niall Jassim


Why treatment at DenkPro?

We focus on results

The focus will be on you being able to function more effectively in both your work and your private life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

We assess your complaints and hindrances and try to help you understand which thoughts play a role in this.

Exercises and tools

We will give regular homework assignments, so that you can practice the tools in between the sessions.

Our procedure


Often the treatment sessions start on a weekly basis, but can go to every other week to give you more time to practice the tools in between the sessions.

Registration and intake

In the first session we focus on the problems you are facing. At the end of this session we will discuss diagnosis, focus of treatment and your treatment plan. 


Setting clear goals

In the second session we will discuss the goals you want to reach. We will re-evaluate your goals regularly. 


Emphasis on the role of thoughts

During the sessions we will focus a lot on thoughts which evoke negative feelings and on thoughts which prevent you from showing more desired or effective behaviours. When dealing with work-related problems, the focus will be on how to function at your work.

coaching in gouda

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coaching in gouda
coaching in gouda
coaching in gouda