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Online treatment and coaching

Next to the option of having your therapy or coaching sessions in person at our practice in Gouda, it’s also possible to have them online through video call. Blended treatment is also possible (i.e. one or more sessions in person and one or more through video call). Regardless of if the therapy or coaching sessions are in person or online, we can offer online exercises with which you can practice in between the sessions. This helps to maximise your growth during your process. Online treatment (i.e. sessions through video calling with your therapist) is an effective way to work on your growth and personal development.

The online psychologist

In our experience, virtually everything we can offer in a session at our practice, we can also offer online without losing effectiveness. We will continuously discuss if the therapy is working optimally for you, whether we work online or in person. Even trauma therapy is possible through video calling.

We’re a small practice in Gouda, the Netherlands, in which we aim to see the person behind the complaints. We don’t have a waiting list, so we can see you quickly. Reimbursement through your insurance company is often possible, which means that online treatment is also possible for you.

Online treatment for example for

Anxiety and panic
Low mood and depression

About us

Two male psychologists work online at DenkPro: Niall and Jeroen. Niall has a lot of experience in treating people suffering from trauma related complaints and anxiety issues. Besides this, he has extensive experience in treating expats. He is bilingual (native speaker in both English and Dutch) and can treat people in both languages. Both English and Dutch treatments are possible online or in person.

Jeroen has worked as a psychologist for about 15 years and has worked at a specialised departments for anxiety complaints and a specialised department for trauma related complaints. Besides this, he is also public administrator and has worked at a department for work related complaints. This makes him effective in helping when people suffer from stress and burnout. As he has lived and worked in the Balkan, he has first-hand experience in adjusting to a different country and the struggles that come with this.

Online help for depression

An example of where online treatment can be used is with mood complaints and depression. The intake will be held online in the Digital Office, which can be found at the top of this page. During the intake we will assess your complaints and how your daily life might be disturbed because of them. Your online therapist can help to reduce the complaints and their effect on you and you surroundings. At the end of the intake, your therapist will discuss the broad outline of your treatment with you. You will also get access to the e-health environment in which you will be able to find information about depression, you can think some more about potential goals, and you can register your daily mood. In this way you can get the most out of the online therapy.

During the second session through video call, we will clarify your goals further and we will continue with your online treatment for depression. In between the session you will be assigned exercises through the e-health environment. If needed, your therapist can give some feedback to your exercises or give words of encouragement to you. Working actively at your therapy in this way will help your recovery.

At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of treatment we will send you an online questionnaire. This will help both you and us to see the progress you make.

You can find more information on our treatment for depression here.

Online coaching

Online coaching with an online psychologist from DenkPro is focussed on work related issues. If you do experience stress related complaints at work, coaching can help to prevent worsening of your complaints (e.g. developing burnout or panic attacks). The online coach will focus on becoming more effective at your work and on you learning to reduce thoughts which might evoke stress. The difference with an online therapist is that the therapist would focus more on reducing complaints.

The corona pandemic has made us work more and more from home. Online coaching through video calling is a good alternative. Because the focus is more on becoming more effective at work and the  employer often pays for the sessions, a 3-way talk with your manager will be planned after the intake to assess common goals. This also helps the manager to be aware of the behaviour the coach will focus on, so he/she can support the employee where needed and give more focussed feedback in between the sessions.

After each session you will get exercises to practice at work. You will also be asked to use the e-health environment.

You can find more information on our online coaching here

Examples of questions for coaching

  • I procrastinate doing tasks and they pile up. Over time I lose the overview and lose faith in that I can handle it, which in turn makes me feel down. How can I reduce my procrastination?
  • I get told that my reports are too extensive and I often don’t make deadlines. I’m also quite perfectionistic. How can I reduce my perfectionism?
  • At work I often feel like a fraud who will be found out any time (“imposter syndrome”). This makes me feel stressed. How can I handle this?

  • It’s difficult for me to say “no” at work. Now I’m working from home more because of the corona crisis, I notice that I also struggle to say “no” to my children. How can I assert my boundaries more effectively?


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coaching in gouda
coaching in gouda